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Alpha-H Liquid Gold Discovery Collection & Travel Packing Tips

Note: is now! kindly sent me the Alpha-H Liquid Gold Discovery Collection* which contains a set of five travel sized products.

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Left to right: Liquid Gold Perfecting Daywear, Balancing Cleanser, Liquid Gold, Essential Hydration Cream and Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum

Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser with Aloe Vera
"A gentle, creamy lotion which removes all traces of face and eye makeup while balancing the skin." DIRECTIONS: dampen your face and apply cleanser. Massage over the entire face and remove with a warm, damp face cloth.

I love using cream cleansers during the colder months, especially one that smells so lovely and works as great as this one. I use a muslin cloth from The Body Shop to remove the product which makes the whole process feel very luxurious. Personally I like to remove my makeup with a different product before using a cleanser, so I did not test the makeup removing ability of it.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold with Glycolic Acid
"Revitalises and assists in firming the skin in a single application through a multi-action formula of silk protein and licorice." DIRECTIONS: Apply Liquid Gold onto cleansed skin each alternate evening. Moisten cotton pad with solution and apply to face, neck and decolletage. When the skin is touch-dry, apply your preferred Alpha-H moisturiser or serum. For an intensive treatment, do not follow with a moisturiser or serum.

This is the second step to a two-part nighttime routine every alternate day. Sounds amazing right? Before trialling this collection, my nighttime routine consisted of SIX products. I don't mind because it makes me skin feel incredible, so when I read the instructions and it said to use two products on my face...I wasn't expecting a good experience. I was happy to be wrong! It may cause a slight tingling sensation which is normal.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold Perfecting Daywear
"This high performance serum smooths and plumps the appearances of fine lines while enhancing your skin tone with a radiant, healthy glow." DIRECTIONS: Apply 2 pumps to freshly cleansed skin each morning. Blend over the face, neck and decolletage, avoiding the eye and lip areas. This serum can also be applied after your moisturiser for additional bronzing and skin lifting benefits."

I've only used this twice so far therefore I don't have much to say about it. My foundation did not stay on too well and I did not want to risk it happening again when I am out for so long during the day with limited options on fixing the problem. Over the next few days I will use it without makeup, on Sunday I will try it with makeup again when I go out for lunch.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum
"This high performance serum combines 14% glycolic extract and peptide technology to radically reinvigorate your skin, keeping it looking younger and healthier for longer." DIRECTIONS: Apply 2-3 pumps onto fingertips and massage over the face, neck and decolletage, avoiding the eye area. Use on alternate evenings to Alpha-H Liquid Gold.

This has quite a strong scent and I did not find it too pleasant. A slight warming and tingling sensation may be felt when using this product, which I did experience. It says to allow the product to absorb for one minute, however I found my skin still felt quite sticky so I left it for longer the first time I used it. The second time I went on with the moisturiser after one minute but the sticky feeling did not affect the application whatsoever.

Alpha-H Essential Hydration Cream
"An aromatic soothing cream formulated with evening primrose, ylang ylang, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and peptides to restore youthful vitality and suppleness to dehydrated skin." DIRECTIONS: After thoroughly cleansing the skin, apply twice daily to the face, neck and decolletage in upward and outward circular motions.

Funnily enough I did not realise I was meant to use this in the morning until now. I was only applying it on alternate evenings to the Liquid Gold. This has the strongest scent of all the products, with a peppermint essence to it. It suggests avoiding the eye and lip area when applying.

After one week I have been really enjoying these products and will continue using them. There will also be another review in the future. I was extremely surprised to notice results after the second application. My skin feels very clean, soft and smooth. Even after removing my makeup of an evening and before I've used any of these products, I can feel the effects of previous applications. So far I am very impressed.

When it comes to packing, I feel nervous and excited. What if I forget to pack something important? What if I pack the wrong things? By planning ahead and following the tips below, you should be feeling confident with your packing skills!

Clothes/Shoes - I like to plan my outfits a few weeks before my departure date. This gives me plenty of time to make changes without being rushed. I pick out a few key items - one or two pairs of jeans, a couple of jackets, two pairs of shoes - pieces I can easily incorporate into different outfits during my time away. Variety is key here.

During my last trip to Melbourne I took a leather jacket and a denim jacket, a pair of black jeans, a pair of denim shorts, white Converse and combat boots. I wore all of those items at least twice during my trip, which leaves a lot of room in my suitcase for things I want to buy. Make sure you take the weather into consideration. Always pack for both hot and cold weather just in case.

Makeup - Don't go overboard! Trust me, you don't need to take three eyeshadow palettes. Take products that you know work for you; a holiday is not the time to be trialling things!

Skincare/Haircare - It's wise to take travel sized products. You can buy these or create your own, but be sure to label them. Remember to place everything into Ziploc bags so you don't create a mess.

Make a Checklist - List EVERYTHING, including quantities of each item. Once it is in your suitcase, cross it off the list. Make sure you remember to do this for items that don't get packed until the last minute, such as your phone

Extra Tips
- Roll your clothing. It creates more space when packing and will be less likely to crease.
- Always pack extra underwear and socks.
- Triple check that you have packed your essential items such as your phone, plane tickets, etc.
- Pick comfortable shoes. My feet always ache after a couple of days due to so much walking; don't make it worse for yourself.
- Wear comfortable clothes for the flight. Try to avoid anything that may set the metal detector off, or keep it to a minimum. Think ahead of time what you may need to remove. You don't want to be holding up the queue. I like to wear my bulkier items such as a jacket and my combat boots so there is more room in my suitcase.

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